Jewelicious Gem Studio Blog Latest Products Sat, 02 Dec 2023 11:19:35 +0530 en-us How should you create a Unique Fashion Statement with Hip-Hop Jewellery ? Mon, 18 Jul 2022 14:15:11 +0530 Hip hop jewellery consists of flashy and extravagant accoutrements designed to serve as a status symbol. Hip hop jewellery is classified by its use of diamonds and gold. Different styles of hip-hop accessories have shifted over time from gold to white gold and platinum.   Hip hop jewellery is a status symbol of wealth and prestige. Many hip-hop artists adorn themselves with designer fashion brands and glitzy jewellery to symbolise and celebrate their journey to success.    You can follow the recent trend of the hip-hop jewellery design.   Features of Hip-Hop Jewellery   The significant features that hop-hop jewellery manufacturers in Gujrat follow are as follows-   1.Hip hop chains come in various styles and sizes. They come in silver and gold style—maximum hip hop chain range from 5 to 9mm and 30 to 40inches in length. The most popular hip-hop chain styles are rope, snake, franco chain, and Cuban.    Depending on your type of swag, or your favourite kind of rapper chain, you can choose yours.   2. Hip hop bracelet is popular bling jewellery covered with gold, silver, and chains. Hip hop bracelets come 6 to 10mm in thickness and 8 to 9 inches in length. A Hip-hop bracelet is available in various forms if you want to make a strong statement.    3. The Hip-hop pendant is the true bling of the jewellery ensemble worn by famous rap stars. Hip hop pendants range from a custom piece that looks attractive and unique. This pendant comes in various sizes and shapes. Gold teeth are one of the perfect forms of hip-hop jewellery style.   Importance of Hip-Hop Bling Chains   Hip-hop chains are famous hip-hop jewellery that has been popular since the 80s. Eye-catching design and unique flavour are the perfect blends of hip-hop chains. Hip hop chain plays an important role in the music industry and hip-hop culture. Warning a hip-hop chain is not only a fashion but a style statement in the hip-hop industry.    You may see many important people in the hip-hop industry who wear different religious bling chains for a particular hip-hop show. But it is essential to create perfect matches for clothes, shoes, and hairstyles with hip hop jewellery.   Style Creation for Hip-Hop Jewellery If you have no idea about hip-hop jewellery style, do not worry. Here are a few style statements that can surely help you-   • A big chain necklace is a must hip hop jewellery, an iconic fashion collection for famous rappers. The gold chain can let you create a coll and classy style.   • There is a trend of wearing bling necklaces, shining shoes of gold and large bracelets. You can follow this trend to create your style statement.    • Mixing your high fashion hip-hop jewellery with your regular jewellery can create a style statement. The rise of hip-hop jewellery tends to the rise of hip-hop gold rings.   Hip hop jewellery will remain its big influence on fashion trends of its bold unconstrained jewellery design. You can search online to choose the better hip-hop jewellery designer. Gemstone Rings Manufacturer in Gujarat – Important aspect to look for Thu, 22 Sep 2022 17:23:03 +0530 There are numerous causes someone would want gemstone rings. Occasions such as a wedding engagements, graduation, anniversaries, or birthdays are major instances. While diamonds have become the traditional stone for engagement rings, there has been a new fashion of using various gemstones, such as sapphire, ruby or emerald. Gemstones are extensively used in making all kinds of jewellery and ornaments for men and women, comprising rings as well. The gemstone rings are very famous among people of all ages. Even fine samples of amethyst and topaz are being seen more often. Who can overlook the stunning blue sapphire that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana and now graces the hand of Kate Middleton? For all kinds of exclusive gemstone rings, you can contact the reliable Gemstone Rings Manufacturer in Gujarat. They are well prepared and equipped to fulfil your demand. Why opt for gemstone rings? Gemstones are one of the most wonderful gifts of nature. They are very attractive, pure, elegant, sophisticated and classy. People who trust in astrology and crystal power are of the view that each of the gemstones possesses mystic powers and they can deliver protection against diseases, heal illnesses and bring happiness to people's lives. This is why many people favour wearing gemstone rings as they believe that such ornaments will carry them good luck and help them in being prosperous in life. Built on their date of birth and other factors, people choose a gemstone that suits them the most. What are the options available? The different kinds of rings available in the market, which are made of valuable stones include: Diamond- diamond rings are extensively used in engagements and weddings. They are extremely expensive and are recognized for their style and elegance. They are linked with aristocracy and are known to bring good luck. Pearl - this gemstone is not as luxurious as diamond because of which pearl rings are generally used by people who want to opt for something sophisticated and affordable at the same time. Garnet - jewellery made of this stone is mostly used by people who are born in January. It is not very costly and is recognized to bring happiness to the household. Topaz - this stone is popular because it is pure, clear and obtainable in more than 4 different colours. Jewellery and ornaments made of pink topaz are extensively used in engagements and weddings. How to buy them? While buying gemstone rings, you should measure the following factor: Colour - the stones which are deep in colour are more exclusive and look better as well. Weight - the weight of the stone, which is measured in a carat, determines if it is genuine or not. Clarity - a good quality stone will be clear since it will have a superior transparency index. Qualities to look for the Gemstone Rings Manufacturer in Gujarat • Huge distribution network across the world • Spacious warehouse • Wide range of quality approved equipment • Well-structured infrastructure • Reasonable price range • Convenient business policy Moissanite Engagement Rings Manufacturer – Why it’s an ideal choice for the engagement ring Mon, 26 Dec 2022 14:56:27 +0530 Moissanite is a naturally arising gemstone found in meteorites, but it’s so uncommon that it has to be created in a lab. With amplified technology in the last few years, it has grown in massive popularity as an ethical diamond substitute and a gemstone option for engagement rings supplied by the Moissanite Engagement Rings Manufacturer. Despite what some people may want you to trust, Moissanite is not a replica diamond, it is a gemstone in its specific right. If you are seeing whether or not to go with Moissanite, here are just a few of the benefits of selecting this gemstone for your engagement ring, so that you can select if it’s the right stone for you. Reasons to select the Moissanite Engagement Rings obtained from Moissanite Engagement Rings Manufacturer in Gujarat Moissanite is Ethical Since natural moissanite is so exceptional (only found in meteorites and some minuscule amounts are worldly) it has to be formed in a lab. Just because something is created in a lab doesn’t mean it’s fake. Naturally, originate moissanite and lab-developed moissanite are the precise same thing visually, chemically, and physically – their origin is just dissimilar. Moissanite is Sparkly Because Moissanite has silicone in its construction, it has a refractive index that’s more advanced than diamonds. In layman’s terms, moissanite is much glossier than its diamond counterparts. Moissanite also gives off a more colorful, rainbow sparkle while a diamond’s sparkle is less soaked in hue. It’s just up to your personal favorite which you like better. If you are someone who loves bling, this could be a charming influence. Moissanite is Durable Moissanites rank at 9.25 on the Mohs Hardness measurement which denotes they are harder than sapphires, rubies, and emeralds which are all tough stone options. It will last through every day wear and tear without itching, breaking, or chipping as simply as softer gemstones. This hardness makes it a perfect choice for an engagement ring as you’re going to be wearing your engagement ring every day. Moissanite is Budget-Friendly When associated with diamonds, moissanites are much friendlier to your budget. If you wish for the look of a larger stone but don’t have the economical for it, then moissanite is a great choice for getting that maxed-out bling look without maxing out your budget though, moissanite is not cheap. It’s still a gemstone in its own right and has a high quality and toughness. No one will be able to tell it’s not a diamond Moissanites are measured diamond alternatives even though they are their gemstone because they look so alike to diamonds. Except you are somebody who works with jewelry and has a skilled eye for that sort of thing, they will look the same. If you are concerned about somebody making a nasty remark or judging you in some way because you have moissanite instead of diamond, don’t be. If you don’t tell them it’s extremely unlikely that they will ever distinguish the difference. Qualities of the Moissanite Engagement Rings Manufacturer in India Having a huge distribution network across the world Owning Spacious warehouse Wide range of quality approved equipment Well-structured infrastructure Reasonable price range   Convenient business policy Lab Grown Diamonds Supplier in India – Its varieties of uses Mon, 27 Mar 2023 16:12:42 +0530 Lab-grown diamonds are man-made diamonds that are produced in a laboratory under controlled conditions. They are also known as synthetic diamonds, cultured diamonds, or man-made diamonds supplied by the Lab Grown Diamonds Supplier in India. Unlike natural diamonds, which take millions of years to form under extreme pressure and heat deep within the Earth's mantle, lab-grown diamonds are created through a procedure named Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, but they are much more affordable and environmentally friendly. They are also free from the ethical concerns associated with diamond mining, such as forced labour and environmental damage. Lab-grown diamonds have a variety of uses, some of which are: • Jewellery: Lab-grown diamonds are used in a variety of jewellery pieces, including engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They offer a more affordable and ethical alternative to natural diamonds. • Industrial applications: Lab-grown diamonds are used in a variety of industrial applications, including cutting, drilling, and polishing tools. They are also used in electronic components and high-performance semiconductors. • Research: Lab-grown diamonds are used in scientific research, particularly in the field of quantum computing and optics. They have unique properties that make them ideal for these applications. • Medical industry: Lab-grown diamonds are used in medical applications, such as surgical tools, dental drills, and in diagnostic instruments. • Art and design: Lab-grown diamonds are used in art and design, such as in sculptures, decorative pieces, and fashion accessories. Here are some tips for selecting the best quality lab-grown diamonds: • Cut: The cut of a diamond refers to its shape and how well it reflects light. The superior the cut, the more vivid and sparkling the diamond will appear. • Clarity: Clarity refers to the number and size of inclusions or blemishes within the diamond. • Colour: Lab-grown diamonds can come in a range of colours, from colourless to fancy colours like yellow, pink, and blue. Look for lab-grown diamonds that have a clear and consistent colour, with no visible hints of yellow or brown. • Carat weight: The weight of a diamond is measured in carats, and it can have a significant impact on the value of the diamond. Look for lab-grown diamonds that are the right size for your desired jewellery piece. • Certification: Look for lab-grown diamonds that are certified by reputable grading laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Qualities of the Lab Grown Diamonds Supplier in India • Quality of diamonds: The most critical factor to consider when selecting a lab-grown diamond supplier is the quality of the diamonds they offer. • Wide selection: A reputable lab-grown diamond supplier should offer a wide range of diamonds in various sizes, colours, and cuts to suit different needs and preferences. • Customer service: The supplier should have knowledgeable and helpful staff who can provide you with information about their diamonds and help you select the right one for your needs. • Competitive pricing: Look for a supplier that offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of their diamonds. • Transparency: A reliable supplier should be transparent about their diamond sourcing and production process. Get designer jewellery items from a men\'s gold jewellery supplier in Gujarat Tue, 20 Jun 2023 11:31:41 +0530 A men's gold jewellery supplier in Gujarat lets the buyers choose the best design and style of men's gold jewellery. With the right selection, you can give yourself an amazing look. Men's gold jewellery is a unique type of jewellery well designed for fashion lovers. Made of gold, they have simply been a wonderful choice for people for many centuries. The main reason is their beauty, durability, and value. The special gold jewellery pieces are available in simple to unique designs to more elaborate and ornate designs. Moreover, they are available as per personal preference and culture. Find a men's gold jewellery supplier in Gujarat Are you living in Gujarat and looking for the best gold jewellery suppliers? Yes. You can easily find the best suppliers who give the best design and quality of products, and that’s at a discounted price. Let’s discuss the common kinds of men's gold jewellery, which include: Men's Gold Chains: The chains are one of the most admired kinds of men's gold jewellery. They are available in different styles and designs, from bold to delicate and chunky. A man can wear the gold chains alone around the neck as a statement piece or match them up with pendants or more decorative accessories.Gold Rings: Well, it is one of the most commonly used types of men's jewellery. They can range from simple wedding bands to more special designs featuring gemstones, engravings, or special textures. Sometimes, they are worn as fashion statements or as a sign of commitment.Gold bracelets: they bring a touch of elegance and style to a man's wrist. They are available in various styles, which include cuff bracelets, bracelets, or bangle bracelets. Some designs may add gemstones or feature difficult patterns. Gold Watches: When it comes to a classic accessory for a man, gold watches remain on top.. They merge the functionality of a timepiece with the comfortable appeal of gold. The product can differ in design, and you can choose from highly sleek to most embellished. Gold Earrings: Unlike women, gold earrings for men are quite popular. They can range from simple studs to hoops or hanging earrings. Gold earrings can be a fine way to add a touch of style and sophistication to a man's look. When buying men's gold jewellery in Gujarat, it's essential to consider the purity and quality of the gold. The purity of gold is calculated in karats, and 24 karats are supposed to be the purest. However, pure gold is comparatively soft and not appropriate for regular wear. Thus, gold jewellery is made with lower karates, including 18K, 14K, or 10K, which comprise a mix of gold and more metals for better durability. However, it is sensible to purchase the jewellery from renowned men’s gold jewellery suppliers who can provide proper certification. It is also important to confirm the quality and authenticity of the gold. Additionally, it is important to take personal style, budget, and event into consideration when choosing men's gold jewellery to find an ideal piece that suits your choices. Your Ultimate Guide To Buy A Gemstone Ring Mon, 25 Sep 2023 11:17:14 +0530 Gemstone rings are gorgeous pieces of jewelry that feature and highlight exquisite gemstones. Emerald, morganite, aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, moissanite, cats eye, amethyst, citrine, diamond, peridot, ruby, tanzanite, topaz, etc are all incredible gemstones that are the excellent choice for someone looking for rings with a pop of color. Gemstone rings nowadays are available in a variety of styles and designs. But in a country like India where purchasing jewelry is both a culture and an investment, how you would get the best gemstone ring for yourself or your loved ones? Here is the ultimate guide that you need to follow while buying a gemstone ring- Choose A Perfect Gemstone: One of the most important steps in buying a gemstone ring is selecting a gemstone that perfectly suits your style and purpose. There is a wide range of gemstones to choose from including some of the trendy precious and semi-precious gemstones. Each gemstone has its unique charm, color, and benefits. so it is important to choose one that suits you or the person you are gifting it to. When choosing a gemstone, consider factors like color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The cut of a gemstone enhances its overall shape and determines how it reflects light. A gemstone with more intense and vibrant colors is more valuable. Similarly, a gemstone with a higher clarity rating is always preferred over a gemstone with a low clarity rating. Carat weight refers to the size of the gemstone and gemstones of larger size are more valuable. All these essential factors affect the price of gemstone rings to a great extent. Select The Shape Of A Gemstone: Gemstones not only come in sparkling rainbow colors but in different cuts. Each cut fits well with only a specific ring design. Some popular gemstone shapes are oval, pear, round, cushion, princess, octagon, heart, trillion, etc. The most sought-after shapes are rectangular cushions and emerald cut. Choose The Perfect Setting: Once you have chosen your gemstone with perfect size, shape, and color, the next vital step is to choose the setting. The setting in a gemstone ring is the metal framework that holds the gemstone in place and enhances the overall appearance and value of the ring. There are several setting styles to choose from. Three-stone, contemporary, solitaire, halo, and classic are the most sought-after settings. You can choose the perfect setting that resonates with your style and aspirations. Choose The Best Metal: The most common metals used in gemstone rings are gold, platinum, and silver. Usually, people choose gold for their gemstone rings because it comes in different hues and is comparatively cheaper than platinum. Silver is another popular metal choice that fits well with all types of gemstones. Platinum is an uncommon, extravagant, and more durable metal that is hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Apart from choosing the metal, you need to choose the right metal weight for your gemstone ring. The higher the metal weight, the more it is expensive. Buying a gemstone ring requires careful consideration of several factors that every gemstone jewelry lover should not avoid. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can get a high-quality gemstone ring that you will cherish for years.   Now, it is up to you what you are looking for. Be it an amethyst gemstone ring, a cats eye gemstone ring, a citrine gemstone ring, an emerald gemstone ring, a peridot gemstone ring, a ruby gemstone ring, a pearl ring, a sapphire gemstone ring, a tanzanite gemstone ring, a topaz gemstone ring, you can find all types of rings available with a gemstone rings manufacturer in Gujarat.